Welcome to the official website of the V International air-transport forum «IATF-2018»!

Since 2011 Ulyanovsk region has been one of leading regions in the implementation of aviation projects in Russia. And now Ulyanovsk region will be holding the International air-transport forum «IATF». Every couple of years the participants of the field cooperation, foreign guests and official delegations of federal ministries and branches meet at the major professional site of the field.

From the 16th to the 18th of August 2018 the anniversary 5th IATF will be held. The key topic of this event will be the roll-up of the aviation activity development in Russia and strategic milestones for its successful future.

Key directions of the V IATF will be «Professionals in the aviation», «The aircraft engineering cooperation», «Technologies for the future aviation».

Due to the fact the aviation industry is of the paramount importance for the social and economic development of territories, this very region is the major aviation beneficiary. The key event of the IATF program will be the Forum of aviation regions where leaders of subjects of the Russian Federation will have an opportunity to discuss possible forms of cooperation for the joint development of the field and their aviation assets.

This year particular attention will be paid to the professional orientation and the youth outreach. During all three days of IATF the following events of the Youth forum of aviation professions «I’m an Aviator!» will be held: the meeting of flight students, the professional skill contest for engineering higher education institutions «AviaSkills», the program for schools «Sky’s gravity».

Welcome to Ulyanovsk and looking forward to seeing you soon in the aviation capital of Russia!

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